NoteSlate digital writing tablet coming soon – $99

This is not an ereader, unfortunately. No, it's a new writing tablet type of device based on an epaper screen. The NoteSlate  is based on a some new epaper screen tech with a 13" (750X1080 resolution) touchscreen. It's going to be available in 4 monochrome models (red, blue, green, and black inks) and a 4 color model.

You might want to click on the lead picture and see it full size. It will give you a pretty good idea of what you can do with the NoteSlate. Really, all you can do is draw, save, and delete pictures. But they've promised a firmware update that will provide PDF support with Adobe DE DRM. I'm really looking forward it. They're boasting a several week battery life and weight of 240g.

I'm still not sure who did the screen tech, but my current guess is Kent Displays. The screen size and resolution doesn't match any other manufacturer and the concept and hardware design reminds me of the Boogie Board, Kent Display's first epaper device. The Boogie Board is also a writing tablet.


4 thoughts on “NoteSlate digital writing tablet coming soon – $99

  1. Dear Noteslate,

    I’m sorry to see that, like several e-ink device makers before you, you have missed the boat. The primary act of creation we need to be able to perform with e-ink is to type, not draw or handwrite.

    Let us know when your device connects to an external keyboard. Then you will have done something worth paying for.


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