Calibre 0.7.42 now available – adds support for Acer Lumiread, Archos 101

Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management app that was developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. It has a bunchaton of features, including:

  • ebook conversion
  • library management
  • ereader support
  • news downloading
  • content server (for accessing your library over the web)

New Features

  • 0.7.42 is a re-release of 0.7.41, because conversion to MOBI was broken in 0.7.41
  • Conversions: Replace the remove header/footer options with a more geenric search replace option, that allows you to not only remove but also replace text
  • Conversion: The preprocess html option has now become a new 'Heuristic Processing' option which allows you to control exactly which heuristics are used
  • Conversion: Various improvements to Heuristic Processing (used to be preprocess HTML)
  • When adding empty books to calibre, optionally set the author to the author of the currently selected book
  • Device drivers for the Archos 101, SmatQ T7 and Acer Lumiread
  • Catalog generation: Make By Authors optional
  • Allow bulk editing of Date and Published columns.
  • Add a little button to clear date and published values to the edit metadata dialogs
  • When adding books by ISBN, allow the specification of special tags that will be added to the new book entries
  • Completion on multiple authors
  • Add AZW to default list of internally viewed formats, a I am tired of getting tickets about it
  • Nicer error message when catalog generation fails
  • Add capitalize option to context menus in the edit metadata dialog

Bug Fixes

  • RTF Input: Fix regression in 0.7.40 that broke conversion of some old style RTF files
  • Fix Tag editor forgets position
  • When converting books in the calibre GUI, override metadata from the input document, even when empty.
  • Fix memory leak when switching libraries
  • RTF Output: Fix incorrent spacing between letters.
  • Catalog generation: Add composite columns to Merge Comments eligible types
  • Add a confirmation when closing the add a custom news source dialog.
  • Another workaround for LibraryThing UA sniffing that was preventing series metadata download, sigh.
  • PD Novel driver: Put books on the SD card into the eBooks folder
  • When shortening filepaths to conform to windows path length limitations, remove text from the middle of each component instead of the ends.
  • Make completion in most places case insensitive
  • Fix regression that caused the N key to stop working when editing a Yes/no column
  • Email: Fix bug when connecting to SMTP relays that use MD5 auth
  • MOBI Output: Fix bug that could cause a link pointing to the start of a section to go to a point later in the section is the section contained an empty id attribute
  • When auto converting books and the device is unplugged, do not raise an error.
  • Ebook-viewer: Display cover when viewing FB2 files
  • MOBI Input: Special case handling of emptu div tags with a defined height used as paragraph separators.
  • Fix sorting of author names into sub categories by first letter in the Tag Browser when the first letter has diacritics
  • Fix regression in 0.7.40 that caused commas in author names to become | when converting/saving to disk
  • Fix view specific format on a book with no formats gives an error

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