Kobo e-reader is now a TV star

The Kobo ereader made a guest appearance on The Office last night.  You can catch the episode on Hulu, and it's first onscreen at about 10:03.In the episode, one of the characters decides he wants to read more this year. He is introduced to the Kobo on a trip to a bookstore. While his co-workers Dwight and Andy are trying to fulfill their resolution to pick up women, Daryl speaks to a bookstore clerk about the Kobo. Expressing his fear of ereaders (the show is set in the offices of a paper company) Daryl is quickly sold on the fact that the eReader can fit 10,000 books. He is seen later in the episode reading it at the roller rink.

This isn't actually the first time an ereader has been on TV before. I didn't log the details, but I do recall that the Kindle has been used as set decoration on the show The Big Bang Theory. It belongs to one of the characters,and while I've never seen him use it I know it has been mentioned at least twice.

Speaking of product placements, my favorite one was on the show Stargate SG1. One of the props used by the SG1 team was a rather odd looking PDA type hand held device. The prop showed up in early 2004 and was used occasionally until the end of the show in 2007.

The prop actually was a PDA that was on the market from 2003 to 2005.  It was called the Tapwave Zodiac, and ran Palm OS5. It had a 4" screen, 2 SD card slots, a graphics chip (rare back then) and in general  had a decent design for its day.  It was a gaming PDA. (Can you believe it?)

It was really more of an inside joke than a product placement, though. I'm sure they used it because it looked unusual. Also, Tapwave didn't have the funds to buy their way into the show, and then the company folded in 2005.

But it was still fun to see it on the show (I had one at the time).

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