Sony Reader Android app now Available

I've just been told that the Sony Reader app is now listed in the Android Market. It supports Epub and PDF ebooks purchased form the Sony Ebookstore, and it requires Android v2.2.

That last detail is kinda funny considering that all of Sony's Android phones run v2.1 (according to my tipster). Here's the description from AppBrain:

Carry your favorite eBooks on your iPhone or iPod touch with Reader™. The intuitive design is ideal for on-the-go reading, allowing you to make bookmarks and highlights – and adjust font size – as you read. Synchronize your reading position, bookmarks and highlights with the Reader Daily Edition™. Purchase books available from the online Reader™ Store.

Yes, I know that it says iPhone. Obviously someone goofed. And no it's not in iTunes. I checked.

I'd appreciate hearing what you think of this app. My latest device runs v2.0, so I don't think I can use this app.


Thanks, De!

5 thoughts on “Sony Reader Android app now Available

  1. This app is an example of how NOT to do Android software. They make poor use of the Menu key, their “Jump to” option only allows jumping to TOC or chapter — not to page, and it has only horizontal swipes enabled even when the mess on the screen suggests you really want to go DOWN, not across.

  2. So far I can’t access all of my books. Only a fraction of the over 80 books I’ve purchased from the Reader store are available. I can still download those books using the PC application.

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