New firmware for the (white) Pandigital Novel

This firmware came out a couple weeks ago, but I was waiting for a friend to confirm some details. She has. (Thanks, Ellen.)

You might recall that during CES I mentioned that Pandigital planned to start using an open firmware for all versions of the Novel ereader/tablet. I also mentioned that they had a retail box for the white Novel that showed a standard home screen (instead of the custom one they used before).

That open firmware is now available as a firmware update. Now that I have this firmware, I don't think it's worth the risk of hacking the white Novel. You can find and install apps just fine without voiding your warranty.

You can find out more about how to run the update process over on the Pandigital website.

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  1. Their website says that it does void the warranty. I only use mine for reading and light internet use, so I am not really concerned, but they have a disclaimer in red letters in the website. 😛

  2. Mrawhimskell klaar // 26 January, 2011 at 7:38 pm // Reply

    I guess an open firmware is a really good value proposition to adopters and hackers. if word gets around that these devices are hack-friendly may be more people will start buying them.

  3. I am quite happy with the new update. I really don’t like hacking my devices. I did open my Novel and swap out the 1gb for an 8gb card. I doubt if I need that much space, but it is good to have.

  4. The new firmwarefor PD white released on 1-17-11 “” turns the reader into a tablet. Many apk’s can be loaded, it is a multi-languages system even has chinese ime. better than Cruz tablet, they are both android 2.0, many apk not on cruz but ok for Pandigital fbreader, for example. padigital support adobe reader , cruz not, so open pdf file on cruz is a pain, it uses open office, far slower.
    But Pandigital’s new firmware has a major problem- it reformat the internal memory, use only half of it. though this update does not need you to take out the internel memory for flash. If you have not replaced internal 1GB with a larger sized one then that is not much lost for you. I don’t know if Ellen was ever found her 8Gb is gone to the 4Gb now.
    The Cruz using the same way for firmware update, but the other half of internal memory can be accessed – seen as sdcard and the external one as sdcard1.
    So padigital’s firmware is not a completed one.

    • Updated my white novel with new firmware and now I cannot get the B&N nook app to download. I have many books that I have purchased that I can’t find. Also cannot get adobe digital to download so I can get my library epub books back. Help. Not computer savy so need step by step instructions.

      • I left a message below regarding your problem.

      • call cust service. they even download for you. just have the dates of purchases avail. I had the same problem and becAUSE i COMPLAINED THE CSR CALLED ME A LIAR ( DIFF STORY) I got a free book out of it.

  5. If you use PC Application
    ( )
    to download firmware which the newest is 01-27-11 for the white PD. It has the all apks included.
    Follow the instructions popped-out on your pc screen – flash 2 times (1st time is for backup & clear, second time in fact is the real flash)
    I had problem to flash – not get to the flash stage by holding power & vol+ for even 10 more seconds. What I did was unplug the power plug for the battery by carefully swing & drag sokect out. then plug back in. – flash was successful.
    If you have not re-flashed, you can find your backup file on your computer “my document/padigital backup”.

  6. For the people that downloaded the new firmware update for the white novel and now do not have the B/N app.
    Download the Nook app 2.4, not 2.4.1, which is the newest one, remember 2.4.
    That is the one that works and also, they do not tell you that, it installs in the SD card.
    So you have to have a SD card in your novel all the time to get to your B/N books.
    This works.

  7. I did the update for white novel. I dont have all the apps, I don’t have the B/N or any app to download the app. what did i do wrong? all other features seem to work. thanks.

  8. I did the update through the PC and it looked like it worked, but when the new updates came up, few of the apps were installed. BN is where the old menus are and it says this app is not installed. I went into the root and deleted the zip update and did the off/+ button and reverted back to original firmware, now all the books are gone. I tried updating again, and the still come up uninstalled. Any suggestions. Very frustrating.

    • My books are gone too after I updated firmware on my white. I emailed and their response was to call their tech. Their tech said to reinstall the program one or more times.

    • Help…How did you revert back to original firmware. I just did this update and am having the same problem where it says the app is not installed. I just want to go back to the way it was before. Do you mean to go into root on the my PC or somewhere on the pandigital?

      • I had the same problem. None of needed applications are installed after upgrade. To bring back old version, I deleted (using PC connection) upgrade file with long name starting with SH20_2011…
        Then I Found file with name, which start with S10… That was my previous firmware. Put it (using PC) in root of your reader. Turn off your reader and turned it back on by holding ‘+’ with power on button for at least 5 second. That should start installation of your orinal version of software.

        • I can’t get the update to finish. When I press the volume + button and the power button for 5 seconds nothing happens. Just the power off and cancel buttons show up. Can you help?

  9. I want to uninstall the new pandigital firmware but I don’t have a computer. Help me please.

  10. When I downloaded the firmware update, the novel froze with a little green alien , trianagle with an exclaimation mark in it. I have no clue what to do… Please advise

  11. This happen to me too. I then used the usb and attached the ereader to my laptop and went into the pandigital website and downloaded the firmware from there. This worked perfectly. Unfortunately, now, though all my apps say cannot be used on mobile. I am tryint to figure out how to get my apps to work with this new download.

  12. How do you get the old pdn firmware back. Help please

    • I would hazard a guess that you upload the SH10_… file back into your reader, removing the SH20_…file if it is still there and then doing a hard reset, power on and volume up button for 10 seconds.

  13. Has anybody had any problems with cracking of the case? I take meticulous care of it, never been dropped or even hit hard yet there are cracks all along the side on both sides and the top. aargh…

  14. I try to access videos i downloaded and it says “no internal or external memory available”. I try to download anything else and it says not enough memory. A sign kind of like for settings icon came up on the top left on the signal and time bar when this started. Can anyone help me?

  15. Did update lost all pics and. Can’t use farmville or youtube wtf help I need fv and youtube

  16. I got the white pandigital novel for Christmas. I figured out how to download the firmware update, but Is there a way I can get it to read PDF files?

  17. I bought a new PDN (white) in December 2012. It did NOT come with standard Android loaded. I downloaded the update from PD’s web site (OK). Tried to install it and it FREEZES the System (I’ve seen several other reports on the Web of this problem). The only thing I can find to do is a HARD reset (which returns the device to the PD brain-damaged OS). I’ve submitted SEVERAL support requests to PD with NOT a SINGLE response. NOT impressed.

  18. have new white Pdr (got for xmas) ran the update and seemed to run ok but now i am getting certicate errors when i try to open some web site ,,Like my bank or webmail account. I have not heard back from TecSupport, starting to think there is no support

  19. I have hacked my pandigital novel, and now the wifi is very unstable and I lost my BN app!
    I have firmware sh20 2011 stock and sorely want to uninstall this hack and get back to its original form.. can you help??

  20. I cant play youtube when clicked.nothing come up..Need downlaod to open pandigal white novel? I tried flasher but wont do nothings and i tried other and not work.

  21. Just wanted to say thanks a bunch as I followed your instructions after reading all details and went through like a charm.

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