NY Times to publish ebook based on Cablegate excerpts

I just had the press release come across my desk. Next week the New York Times will publish Open Secrets, a summary and analysis of Wikileaks, Cablegate, and the diplomatic cables they've released.I had quietly avoided this topic in the past, but I had to comment on this ebook. This right here is a moment in history. The NYTimes just validated the existence of Wikileaks and their particular type of online journalism. This is a Pentagon Papers moment. Yes, the mainstream media have used Wikileaks as a source, but it's not the same thing as releasing a book based on Wikileaks ' work.From the press release:

-The New York Times is publishing its first e-book, "Open Secrets: WikiLeaks, War and American Diplomacy," about the release of last year’s WikiLeaks documents, on Monday, January 31. The e-book will be distributed through major e-booksellers, including Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, the Google eBookstore and Apple's iBookstore. An excerpt from the introductory essay by Bill Keller, the newspaper’s executive editor, is available for online preview (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/30/magazine/30Wikileaks-t.html?_r=1) and will be published in The New York Times Magazine on Sunday, January 30. The excerpt will be the executive editor’s first piece in a new, additional role as columnist for the magazine.

In his essay, Bill Keller explains how The Times came to publish the documents and why it chose to do so, chronicling the crucial role the newspaper played in breaking the WikiLeaks story.

"Open Secrets" (http://www.nytimes.com/opensecrets/) will include, among other items, expanded profiles of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks's founder, and Bradley Manning, the Army private suspected of being his source, and original essays on what the episode has revealed about American diplomacy and government secrecy.

Times correspondents will provide detailed analyses of the documents and the e-book will reprint the full text of all the cables and war logs published on The Times's Web site, in addition to 27 new cables selected for this volume.

The e-book will also incorporate opinion essays by Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd, among others.

“The publication of 'Open Secrets' as an e-book is the latest example of The Times exploiting the creative potential of the Web to deliver the world's best journalism in whatever format readers find most appealing,” said Bill Keller, executive editor, The New York Times.

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