Carlsen Comics to use Aquafadas’ digital comics platform

Carlsen are one of the 3 biggest comics publishers in Germany, and they also publish in Denmark and Sweden.This story is really just a footnote, but I find it interesting. Digital comics are about to go into the format wars that ebooks went through in the past decade. I'm still researching it, so I don't know much yet. ButFrom the press release:

Carlsen, German comic book and children book leader, and Aquafadas, provider of digital publishing solutions, announce their partnership to display Carlsen's books in digital.

With 17 millions of tablets sales in 2010, digital market is a real challenge for publishers.

To display his rich catalogue on tablets and smartphones, Carlsen had the need of solutions for digital creation and cross-media publishing. Aquafadas's solutions respond to that need.

With Aquafadas softwares, Carlsen will be able to adapt his content himself on tablets and smartphones by creating great digital version of his comic books. Carlsen will also create a platform to distribute his digital content first on iPhone/iPad - same platform as AveComics in France.

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  1. CBR/CBZ/PDF work fine! This is the same brand of proprietary DRM idiocy as all the “alternatives” to MP3.

    • That would be like saying TXT works fine so there’s no need for Epub. This ignores the fact that Epub does a lot more than text.

      Aquafadas and comiXology each have a digital comics format that does a lot more than simply show page images. At the very least, they make it easy to read a graphic novel on a 4″ screen.

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