Dark Horse digital comics apps have been delayed

Back in October Dark Horse announced that they were working on a digital comics platform and that it would be available in January. A close reading of the press release suggests that DH didn't partner with an existing platform; instead they tried to develop their own. This past Friday DH acknowledged that their platform had been delayed:

...However, factors beyond our control have impacted our plans and we are working to address these new developments. We remain committed to deliver on our promise to provide fans with the highest quality experience at a great price; consistent with the standards we have established over the last 25 years. Please watch the Dark Horse Blog and sign up for our digital newsletter for the latest news.

Good. I'm glad they've bogged down and I hope DH throw in the towel and sign with comiXology or Aquafadas. We already have 3 commercial digital comics formats; there is no need for a 4th.

Seriously folks, we're going to end up with 1 digital comics format in the long run; why not just accept that fact now and save the development costs for the extraneous formats?

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  1. Astounding. If the first time is a tragedy and the second time a farce, what is the fourth time? Tablets exist, apps like ACV and Perfect Viewer work beautifully. A pair of simple de-facto standards exist CBR/CBZ or PDF. My dirt cheap 10.1″ telepad is near perfect for comic viewing and the “industry” is dithering around reinventing the wheel while pirates eat their lunch.

  2. In light of recent publicity of Sony’s app getting rejected by Apple, and new rules about subscription services, I’d say the circumstances beyond their control was Apple rejecting them from the app store for circumventing Apple’s payment system.

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