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Google made a bumch of announcements today about v3.0, the Android Market, and their plans for the future. I'm going to hold off on discussing Honeycomb until I can get my hands on it, so this post will be all about the Marketplace.After 2 longs years of waiting, Google finally created a browser based version of the Android Market. Now it's going to be a lot easier for you to find the apps you are interested in and then send them to your device.

Unfortunately, the Marketplace is still closed. Sure , you can look at the Android Market from your web browser, but you can't download if you don't have an authorized device, and that's a shame. If you don't have an authorized device you are still stuck with pirating the apps because Google don't want your business.

Update: I just came across this youtube video of the presentation.

P.S. If you visited my blog a few hours ago, you might have caught my post where I said that the Marketplace was open to all devices. Nope. I goofed. Sorry.

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  1. Mrawhimskell klaar // 3 February, 2011 at 12:33 am // Reply

    I too would have loved them to open it up to all devices but to be honest, we can’t all knock Google for not ‘controlling’ the so-called ‘fragmentation’ of Android devices, much like the Jobsian style of the Apple App Store and still remain open and maintain standards.

    They definitely have to at least maintain some basic standards/quality as it relates to the platform in general.

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