Archos 70c now up for pre-order

J&R updated their website yesterday with a new product page for the Archos 70c. It's listed for $149, but there's no info on when it will be available. This is an ereader, but it is an Android tablet running v2.1 with a 600MHz CPU, 7" screen (800x480), Wifi, 4GB Flash, SD card slot, and an accelerometer.This ereader first showed up a few months ago, and at the time I didn't believe it was really an Archos device.  But since then I've learned a few details about Archos, and now I understand what they're doing.

This isn't an Archos design. You might have noticed that looks a little like the Next2 I reviewed some time back. I believe it actually is the same hardware. You see, Archos work with the CPU maker RockChip, and that is who designed this ereader. I should know; I saw a very similar device in the RockChip booth at CES.

The Next2 was an okay set of hardware, but I've gotten at least one complaint about the current firmware (which the 70c will likely use).  My friend is having a lot of trouble with reading apps;  both the Kobo and Kindle apps have trouble downloading ebooks from the respective ebookstores.

Archos via J&R

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  1. I went to the Archos site. This reader looks different from what they have posted. I hope it is different rather just a rebranded device.

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