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Laptop Magazine have been running a contest over the past week to choose the best reading app.They just closed the polls today, and 169 out of 418 voters picked Aldiko (the Nook app came in second place).Do you see what's wrong with that contest? I do, and there are many. First, when you have hundreds of people commenting on a topic your result is the most popular, not the best. I'll agree that Aldiko is certainly very good and it is also very popular. I'll even respect your opinion if you think it's the best - just so long as you explain why you think that. But if you have 400 people voting by checkbox you're not going to get a value judgment.

Another issue with this contest is that it's not limited to a specific platform. Aldiko could be the best iOS app, but is it better than NookStudy (on your PC)? Not necessarily. NookStudy  does so much more, so doesn't that make it better?

Needless to say, I hate sloppiness like this.

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5 Comments on Aldiko voted most popular reading app

  1. It’s all about how many fans you can rally up to vote for you.

    The Aldiko guys mobilized their fans, I came across several requests on varios sites to vote for Aldiko.

    I haven’t seen one for the Kindle app…

  2. If we’re talking about Android, Aldiko makes it incredibly easy to import unrestricted .epub files. It would get my vote for that reason.

  3. The bigger scandal is that with the millions of people who have eBook devices and tablets, only 418 people could be marshaled to vote!

    • Well, that would be a reflection of the venue, no?
      Because, naturally, the first place people go for ebook gadget and app info is a site named after a print magazine devoted to laptops. 😉

      It’s really meaningless filler. Just a chance for some app developer (in this case Aldiko) to get some cheap publicity.

      The app is decent enough but only relevant to Android or iOS users and hardly comparable to other apps for other platforms. (Mobipocket, Coolreader, even MSReader to name a few.)

  4. Just in case you missed the initial Appscars post, the awards are for smart phone apps only, not all apps everywhere.

    Also, people had an opportunity in comments to expand on why they think Aldiko is best. We gave our opinion on why we liked it (including a review — granted, of a previous version). Others had a chance to do so.

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