Samsung to unveil a 10″ Galaxy Tab later today

The hot story of the past couple days has been Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, a 10.1" Android tablet. Apparently Samsung listened to all the naysayers who said a 7" screen is too small.A fair number of details have leaked over the past couple days, but I decided to wait. I'm posting the story now because Samsung Hub managed to score some early pictures. The new Tab has a 10.1-inch screen (1280×800), 8MP camera with HD video recording, and a pair of speakers. It's supposedly running Honeycomb (Android v3.0) on NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 processor.

If you check out the back, you'll see that it might have a second camera.

I'll post more details as they're revealed.

via Samsung Hub

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  1. Good on them, and I love the resolution but we really have to get out of the “one size fits all”/”one tablet only” philosophy on tablets. I have several tablets ranging from 12″ (Fujitsu 5032D) down to 4.3″ (N810) and I can attest to the utility of a range of sizes and weights. 10″ tablets are excellent for bedside reading and air travel but bulky and heavy for a daily commute. 7″ tablets shine for “take everywhere” duty. The touch interface is much closer to a cellphone and when used as such works very well. 5″ tablets are excellent for “always at hand” use but are a bit too small for manga and video.

    At present I always carry a rooted 7″ Nook Color for reading, manga, video, technical reference at work and light surfing. I use a 10.1″ tablet for home use, I have a rooted Viewsonic G-Tablet (Tegra 2 capacitive screen) and a Generic Telepad (a.k.a. Badpad, runningthe Telechips 8092). Strangely, the Telepad is winning out on utility, all that cheap plactic makes it thin and light as a feather and the difference in performance is negligible when actually reading media.

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