Craig Epad Android tablet now available at Zellers

The  Canadian discount chain Zellers are how selling an Android tablet. The Epad CMP 738a has a 7" (800x480) screen, microSD card slot, Wifi, speaker, microphone, and an accelerometer. It's running Android v2.1 on a 700MHz dual core CPU. According to the spec sheet, there are actually 3 models, with Flash storage options of 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB. The Epad also has pretty extensive Ebook, audio, and video support.

Over at SlateDroid one user is reporting that it has USB host. It also shipped with SlideMe App Store.

via SlateDroid

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  1. They are also starting to cary these at CVS

    • Just bought one today at a CVS in Connecticut. For $99.00, this has tremendous capacity EXCEPT the battery life is about 2 hours. Has android 2.1, sd slot, usb host slot, pc connection wire and hdmi slot. Otherwise it has tons of apps, decent music,pics and video players, ereader,stylus. Weird that the product does not appear on the Craig Electronic website and I can’t find any reviews online. Definetely worth a test drive with CVS’s 30 day return policy.

  2. I can state conclusively that it has USB host capability. With a custom ROM, it can access the Android Market. It can also run live wallpapers (although those are somewhat buggy).

    One weakness that the tablet has is that, while it has a microphone, and the microphone works with the voice recorder app, it doesn’t work for voice search or speech-to-text. I’m not sure if that’s a hardware or software limitation.

    Anyway, check out the link to Slatedroid to read all about it. 🙂

  3. Just bought one, and it’s surprisingly nice. The monitor I bought though, has glitches: fuzzy (to be expected for the price) but also blotchy, so bad that black type barely reads in spots. Also beware: Videos crash the system. I don’t watch them much, but if I get into tat bit, I’ll be pissed if that keeps up.

    I’m keeping it, though..not too shabby for the price. Kmart had a similiar one for $50 more, so I’m happy.

  4. I just want to know how to put my craig on-line.

  5. I want to know how to put the 3G to work

  6. Bought a Craig 738b at Zellers. Most things I try to do brings up the message that “The device must be docked to……”
    What does “docked” mean?

    Thanks, I’m pretty new to this,


    • That’s weird. A dock usually refers to an accessory that adds more abilities (extra card slots, USB ports, etc). There shouldn’t be much that you need the dock for.

      Is there any hardware in the box that you haven’t attached yet?

      • No, there doesn’t seem to be. I’ve seen pictures in ads on the net of what look like they might be chargers, and stands to hold the thing more upright – and in some pix there appears to be a USB connection. I’ll check around some more, and maybe Zellers will know, but I doubt it.

        Maybe I should ditch this thing and either forget about it, or pay some more money and try to continue.


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