My local Borders store isn’t closing, is yours? (map)

At least, not yet.

I've come across a scanned list of the 200+ stores Borders will be closing under the bankruptcy plan. It was compiled on Monday by Hilco and submitted as part of the bankruptcy filing. Just for my own curiosity, I made a Google Map with most of the closing stores on it. It's after the break. Note: This map probably won't make it through the RSS feed so you'll need to visit the blog to see it.

store closings (PDF)

View Borders Store closings in a larger map

via PW

12 thoughts on “My local Borders store isn’t closing, is yours? (map)

  1. Mine is closing, but I had not shopped there on a regular basis for a while, as a Barnes and Noble opened really close to where I live. Borders is not far away (7 minute drive or so) but the B&N is way closer (2 minute drive, tops). Thankfully, the one my sisters have access to is not closing. Their children like to read and that is the only large bookstore on the island (PR).

  2. It would interesting to cross-reference the closing stores with B&N locations to see what the new overlap ratio looks like.

    (Pre-bankruptcy something like 70% of Borders and B&N stores overlaped.)

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