Archos 70b e-reader has been hacked

Over the past week I've found a set of photos of the new Archos ereader. I also found an 11 minute long hands on video on Youtube. The photos and the video show the same hardware, but they also show radically different software.The photos were posted by Blogeee, a French gadget blog, and they  show the stock firmware.  The picture at right is one of the photos, and as you can it looks something like the original home screen for the Pandigital Novel, or like the home screen on the Next2 ereader.There are a couple photos that show the reading app, and it's really nothing much. I wouldn't get it based on what I see here.The video, on the other hand, shows a hacked 70b. It already has a new home screen, SlideMe app store, and several apps installed. Yep, this ereader has been out for only a couple weeks ad it's already been hacked.Whoops. I just found a second video of the 70b. It's pretty impressive. You know, for generic Rockchip hardware this is a pretty impressive Android tablet.

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  1. I have a archos 7oc and I really like it it does everytging i need it to do. It has a color screen, it is small and light. I Also have an android tablet but I prefer the e reader. It is afordable and easy to use. i recommend it to anyone who likes to read and surf the net. I Am planning to get several as christmas gifts. Thanks Archos

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