Dell Inspiron Duo on sale for $400 – I think I’ll pass

The Microsoft Store have Dell's new convertible tablet on sale right now for $150 off retail. Curiously enough, Dell are still selling it for $550.

The Duo is based on a 10" touchscreen, and it's running Windows 7 on a dual core 1.5GHz Atom CPU with 2GB Ram, a 1.3MP camera, SD card slot, Wifi, Bluetooth, ethernet. It weighs around 3.5 pounds.

I was excited by the design when I first saw the Duo but I lost interest when it hit the market. $550 is far too much based on the hardware specs. Even $400 is too much; you can find a much better laptop for that price.

But the battery life is the real killer. According to Engadget, the battery on the Duo only gets around 2.5 hours (and you can't swap the battery). In this price range it should really have at least  twice that.

via Microsoft

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3 Comments on Dell Inspiron Duo on sale for $400 – I think I’ll pass

  1. “In this price range it should really have at least twice that.”

    Or at least have a swappable battery. I really love this one, but the battery issue is a major one for me. I don’t mind the short battery life in itself, but the fact that you cannot exchange it, is deadly, especially for that price.

    • Same here.
      $400 is a fair price for this class of product–there is real value in the Win7 software catalog–but battery life really needs to be north of 4 hours. My current Netbook gives me 7 hours easy with wifi enabled.
      Too bad because the design (a clear descendant of the classic Clio) is excellent.

  2. I hope there will be an other deal like this… it’s already over!

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