New Kindle app teaches Math

I just received a press release for a pair of rather interesting new Kindle apps. Digi Ronin Games have just released Flash Cards: Basic Math for Kids and Flash Cards: Fractions for Kids, 2 educational apps. Each is selling for $2.99.The apps caught my eye because they illustrate one of the shortcomings of the K3: No Number Keys!

The apps use a couple different work-arounds but still, you need number keys for a math app.

As you can see from the image at left, one of the tricks is to use the top row of keys. In fact, that's a standard function you can access with the "alt" key.

But the other trick doesn't work so well, and it really lessens the value of the app. They're letting students use the d-pad to guess at the answer. That should not have been included; it does not teach math.

Flash Cards: Basic Math for Kids

Flash Cards: Fractions for Kids

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  1. I have a friend with a Kindle 2. She covets my graphite K3, but she’s not “upgrading” any time in the future because she is a heavy Sudoku user and the idea of giving up the number keys has zero appeal. Dumb idea, Amazon! And why doesn’t someone offer a sticker to put over the top row of keys to mark which are what number when pressed with the Alt key?

  2. Karen,

    I agree. That’s one of the issues we had to work with when we created the flash card apps mentioned above. If you have a K2 or a DX with number keys you won’t see the legend that is shown in the screenshot, but we had to have the program look at what device was being used so it would show the legend on a K3.

    I too hope the next version brings back the number keys.

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