SoftMaker Office for Android coming soon

SoftMaker are a small German developing company that specialize in making Office Suite apps. They're about ready to release a new port of their SoftMaker Office, and finally Android is going to get a decent Office Suite.

Right now I'm just barely restraining myself from doing a dance for joy.

It might sound rude, but this is honest to god the best full Office clone out there. I've tried 4 different office apps for Android, and they were all quite limited in the file formats supported and in their abilities. SoftMaker Office is, almost  literally, a complete Office clone. It is that good.

I last used the Windows CE version of TextMaker, the Word app, and it had every single feature that I used in Open Office. It had support for every file format I might want including DOCX.  And it was fast, too; I tested it on a 6 year old gadget running on a 400MHz CPU. It responded darn near as fast as my laptop.

And they're promising support for Android v1.6. What more could you want?

via SoftMaker Blog

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2 Comments on SoftMaker Office for Android coming soon

  1. This is very good news.
    On the blogs the tidbits and screencaps they’re offering up are very encouraging. One point they emphasized is they will be supporting user-installed fonts and that the gui has been designed with both phones and tablets in mind.
    As soon as the beta is out I’ll be on it…

  2. I hadn’t heard this until now. I was very interested in their software before my damn GENIO Pocket PC screen had a stroke and died.

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