What E-ink has been doing instead of working on their next screen (video)

The story that's going around today is that E-ink's next ereader screen is delayed until 2012. That's not accurate, nor is it true. E-ink has been working on a bunch of different uses of their screen tech.

A few weeks ago I caught a presentation  given by Sriram Peruvemba, and I manged to talk him out of the following demo videos. All of these examples could be produced now; all they require is someone to pay the production costs.

The first video shows a SIRF display printed on cloth.  (Think digital billboard.) A SIRF display can't be used as an ereader screen because it only has a limited number of segments, but you can use it as a sign that flashes on and off. Think of it as functioning like a neon sign, not an ereader screen.

This second video shows an E-ink screen on Tyvex cloth. This cloth is used is difficult to cut or tear and is used as insulation on houses and is also used for shipping envelopes.

And the last video shows video on a color E-ink screen.

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