The Nook 3G is on the way out

A few weeks ago I noted that you could find a refurbed nook 3G on Ebay for $99, a discount of $40 from the regular price. Since then we have learned that B&N plan to unveil a new ereader on 24 May, only 16 days away.

Guess what? The Nook 3G is still on sale on Ebay for $99 and that's $20 less than the Nook Wifi.

I think B&N are clearing out the back stock. You might think I'm just rambling on, but I want to remind you that Engadget heard just this rumor back in January. I think it's now coming true.

The really interesting part is that the Nook Wifi isn't on clearance. That suggests that it's not going away, which means B&N could plan to keep it as a budget model.

If the Nook Wifi does stay then that would probably preclude a Mirasol screen ereader (I didn't think it was likely). B&N probably won't want to have to explain too many screens to customers. So I'd bet the new -reader will have an E-ink screen.

7 thoughts on “The Nook 3G is on the way out

  1. Worse than explaining more than one screen type is explaining why the old model has TWO screens while the new model has ONE touchscreen!

    Maybe they just made too many of the WiFi version to clear out fast enough. Or maybe the stock on hand is projected to be exhausted by the time the new one goes on sale.

  2. Thats interesting. I assumed whatever they had coming out would compete somewhere around the Kindeal price point and that the nook1 wifi would be gone. I just don’t see 150 dollar eink as viable. Can’t wait to find out what’s up.

  3. What if they introduce a new Nook 2 at say $150-$170 price range and reduce the current Nook to around $100. With the Kobo now going for $100 at Best Buy currently, this would be plausable.

  4. The 3G is good only for purchasing books from B&N, unlike Kindle’s 3G, which lets you do anything you normally could, except download Audible content. So the 3G model can go away and few will care about it (or at least, fewer that will care now than when Nook first launched – wi-fi availability continues to grow).

    At the least the new Nook needs Pearl screen. It’s not clear how they maintain compatibility with the existing Nook apps without retaining the LCD as well. Well, we’ll see…

  5. Could the new e-reader be a 3g version of the nook color?

    I’ve been thinking about this possibility for a while. It would make sense for the 3g nook color would be more likely to use a pay-as-you go data plan like other tablets, rather than the infinite free 3g you currently get with the e-reader. That’s why they are discontinuing the old 3g model- it uses a competing business model.

    What’s cool about this is the price. You can get $250 knocked off the price of a dell streak by signing a contract. If the 3g providers offer Barnes and Noble the same subsidy… wouldn’t that make the nook color free for those that sign a contract?

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