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Flexbook – Because Folding Your Laptop in Half is Passe

This is a concept laptop that is up for an award this week in competition a life with future computing, a design contest sponsored by Fujitsu. If you took an ordinary laptop and chopped the keyboard and screen half then you'd have something like the Flexbook. The keyboard folds in half and then the screen closes around the keyboard. You can also swivel the screen around and lay it flat on the keyboard. This next sketch might help you understand what it can do:

I love the design. the screen is exceptionally wide, but I can live with that.

Do you know what? This reminds me of the new Polymer Vision Readius. It's not quite the same device, but the Readius does have a similar type of screen.

via Design Boom

2 Comments on Flexbook – Because Folding Your Laptop in Half is Passe

  1. curiosity killed the.. // 16 May, 2011 at 10:30 am //

    this is such a cool idea that i hope becomes a staple in future netbook/laptops however i think samsung could have a rival technology in the prototyping phase already.

  2. stupid idea. fold the screen to the keys first otherwise the bottom of the keyboard that is constantly exposed to the conditions of life will affect the screen and give the laptop a much shorter life span.

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