Kobo don’t believe Borders will survive

Borders put out a press release yesterday about the new Kobo Touch ereader. Borders will be selling the Kobo Touch, which of course I knew. But there were also several little bits of new info in the press release, and they spoke volumes. I got to this a little late, but it's important enough that it can't be ignored.

The Borders ebookstore (and the apps) will be rebranded under the Kobo name. Given that borders merely slapped their brand over Kobo's in the first place, it's not a major technical change. But it does say a lot about what Kobo think about Borders' odds of survival:

Not Good.

Borders are also getting a cut of all Kobo ebooks sold in the US (not just the ones sold by Borders), which is great because Borders desperately need the money.

I'm really beginning to wonder if the revenue cut was announced not as news but as propaganda (targeted at the company's Borders owe money to).  They're trying to convince people that Borders are still a viable operation (snicker).


image by Patrick Luckow


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5 Comments on Kobo don’t believe Borders will survive

  1. I covered this yesterday:

    It’s not a move by Kobo, it’s one by Borders. And they MUST do that so people feel safe enough to buy the Kobo eReader and eBooks for it. You think anyone in their right mind will buy a Borders Gift Card these days for eBooks? They must issue Kobo Gift Cards now. Kobo is basically a co-signer for a Borders reputation/customer trust loan now.

  2. What does the picture symbolizes?

    We’re on a road to nowhere?

    • It’s a gravestone out in the middle of no where, and yes I do think it symbolizes Borders’ future.

      • I agree with you Nate. There is not really much that has changed in Borders announcement. Strictly cosmetic gibberish meant to appease the creditors who I guess aren’t buy it anyway.

      • I was really inspired by your photo. It made me think of the movie Road to Perdition. That’s the road Border’s is on.

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