Amazon waved a magic wand and doubled the Kindle’s battery life

Do you recall all the ads about the Kindle that mention the 1 month of battery life? I'm sorry but you must have heard wrong. They said 2 months, not 1.

Amazon responded to the new Nook Touch in the most hilarious way. They fiddled with the statistics for the Kindle and managed to fake the 1 month battery life into 2. Here's the new claim:

A single charge lasts up to two months with wireless off based upon a half-hour of daily reading time. If you read for one hour a day, you will get battery life of up to one month.

They cut the reading time in half. (Right now I'm giggling madly in the middle of a Borders.)

There are times where I wonder if anyone in marketing departments have brains at all. Did Amazon really think we wouldn't notice the change?

Update: B&N responded to Amazon.

image by Will Montague

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6 Comments on Amazon waved a magic wand and doubled the Kindle’s battery life

  1. I read today that the Nook’s two months estimation is also based on a 30 minutes per day usage.

    Look’s like a “compare apples with apples Nook, you are not fooling anyone”, marketing message 🙂

    • I’d much rather Amazon do some snarky ad campaign than this trick.

      • Amazon or Sony led with the one hour per day benchmark. Kobo and B&N followed. Then Lynch cheated in his presentation, so it was correct of Amazon not to bloody take that.

        Want FOUR MONTHS of battery life with your new Nook? DON’T READ AT ALL!

        • extending the “Amazon logic”:

          15 minutes reading = 4 months
          10 minutes reading = 6 months
          5 minutes reading = 12 months
          1 minute reading = 5 years

          something doesn’t add up or multiply here

  2. I see this as a preemptive strike. Clearly, Barnes & Noble intends for their advertising to say that the new Nook has a two-month battery life, with the part about 1/2 hour a day being in small print. Amazon is merely sinking to the same level.

  3. I think Mike Cane needs to write all their future ad copy! That was hysterical

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