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iBooks now integrated into iTunes

I'm looking over the Apple coverage from today, and I just noticed something. (I can't believe I missed it.) The iBookstore is now accessible through iTunes. It's a small detail, but it's going to have major consequences.

Have you ever tried to search iTunes for an App? It's actually pretty easy to use Google and search for "iTunes app name", and it will almost always find the app you're looking for.

Up until today, if you tried Googling "iBooks book title", it didn't work. The contents of the iBookstore couldn't be found from the web, which means Apple were likely losing sales to other ebookstores.

It took Apple 15 months to figure out that they needed to do this, and it's finally happened.

3 Comments on iBooks now integrated into iTunes

  1. Heh. I didn’t look. Now seeing the web listings for Ken Bruen’s books too. Interesting, but iBookstore has about as much mindshare in my head as Google’s eBookstore: None.

  2. I haven’t really come across a reason to buy from the iBookstore to warrant bothering with them. I haven’t seen authors or titles there I can’t find elsewhere and their prices aren’t better than the competition.

  3. Yes, I saw that last night. It made me very happy. Trying to browse the iBookstore on an iPod touch is an exercise in frustration. Now I get to look at it on a big screen – yay. Now all I need is more books there and better pricing.
    Ah well, nothing is ever perfect, right

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