Nook Touch rooted, now runs Angry Birds (video)

The Nook Touch started shipping last Wednesday, and by Sunday someone had hacked it and installed Angry Birds Seasons. it doesn't run well, but it is working.

This right here was why I wanted a Nook Touch. It's running Android v2.1 underneath, so once it's been hacked it's going to be a 6" Android tablet. I wanted to load the Kindle and other reading apps. That would have been cool.

via Mike Cane

10 thoughts on “Nook Touch rooted, now runs Angry Birds (video)

  1. Oh hell, if you’re going to root it to put on the Kindle program, just agree to the damn T&C and get on with it. He obviously did! I’d like to see Kindle running on it. Might give some people (cough) a reason to buy one.

  2. This is great! And quite a bit more than I needed. I need a calender/scheduler and something to take simple notes on at the least (something like iphone’s ‘stickies’ app.)
    If I wanted it for angry birds, I might have been disappointed with the video, lol. But I thank you for putting this up.

    I will probably buy one now, B&N owes you a commission!

  3. this is great…..I don’t think there’d be a real need to have the nook touch run as a full tablet. Just add some extra functionality like a UI for basic apps like kindle, browser, calculator, ext.

  4. jesusfreke,

    I just got one of these for my mom. Any chance you could post the rooting instructions? I’d like to setup a browser and a simple way for her to download free ebooks.

  5. We all know that this one is useless. But I must admit that I was impressed the first time I saw this video. It’s like a blueprint of an Angry Birds concept from way, way back, but actually it was the other way around.

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