Hacked Nook Touch now runs the Kindle app (video)

Mike Cane beat me to this one, but given that he had to be up at 3am to do it, I really have no problem with that.

You're looking at the first Nook Touch to be hacked and run the Amazon Kindle app. It's nowhere near ready for the average user, and even when it is I'm not sure you'd want it. This app has been tweaked to look good on an LCD screen and frankly the animation is almost painful to watch on the NT. I kinda wanted the NT as an E-ink Android tablet, but as I watch this video I think I've changed my mind.

But you have to admit that this a rather odd use of a $139 ebook reader.

via XDA Forums

19 thoughts on “Hacked Nook Touch now runs the Kindle app (video)

  1. I’ve had a nap since. Aldiko also does a slide animation when switching pages. It will be interesting to see that on a Nook Touch too. eInk really does make people think very differently about designing apps! I never considered these issues and had to see it with my own eyes.

  2. Kindle for Android isn’t typical. The paging animations can be turned off or at least mitigated in most android reading aps, most specifically the two I would install first on a hacked Nook; coolreader3 and fbreader. Aldiko, too. Shouldn’t be a show stopper.

    What will be most interesting so see, though, is what happens when they install Nook for android tablets on the STR; it seems most owners of hacked NCs prefer it to the native Nook app. :)

  3. Because the article does not indicate this at all. The nook touch was rooted 4 days ago by JesusFreke. That is not the first hacked nook touch.

  4. To be honest – this is absolutely perfect for me since I live in the UK.

    I have a Touch arriving this week, and it is beyond me in a global market that Barnes & Noble won’t let you buy books unless you have a US credit card.

    So I could have the best of both worlds (assuming purchasing Amazon books is possible on a non-kindle unit).
    Anyway – all credit to the hacker :-)

      1. Yes, their DRM is tied to a CC number, which is why even free ebooks need one.
        No, it does not explain why they insist on a *US* CC, thereby shutting out non-US buyers.
        Until this policy changes, any Nooks that find their way outside the US will end up in the Kindle or Kobo ecosystems.

    1. Yes, Kindle for Android lets you buy ebooks from the app.
      But even if it didn’t, you can buy them with any browser and/or Kindle for PC or Mac.
      Any ebooks you buy from Amazon are stored on Amazon servers and can be d/l’ed to any device/app tied to your Amazon account. Repeatedly, if need be.

  5. Why do they restrict to credit card (CC) numbers?
    Simple answer: all major CC companies in the US have a check in place for CC numbers issued in the US only. They do not provide a verification of CC numbers issued outside the US.

    Therefore, when you set up a webshop in the US, you will have to leave by the US CC rules… If you don’t want to, then open your shop outside the US borders.

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