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Staples now carrying the Amazon Kindle in Canada

The Kindle 3 has shown up in Staples stores this week. It's not available online, but you can pick up Amazon's latest 6" ebook reader in over 330 Staples stores across Canada. Neither Kindeal is listed, but you can get the Kindle Wifi for $159 CAD and the Kindle 3G is listed for $239.

This announcement follows only 5 days after The Source best Buy's Canadian subsidiary, started carrying the Kindle.

via Staples

BTW, if you're not in Canada and want to see the flyer, you can use L7J 1A1 as a valid postal code. (They're anal about requiring postal codes.)

4 Comments on Staples now carrying the Amazon Kindle in Canada

  1. The Source (Used to be owned by Circuit City) and is now owned by BELL (Telecoms/Media) company. Best Buy owns Future Shop.

  2. The Source has the 3G for $209 whereas Staples is $229.

  3. I have just been to 3 staples in Toronto seaching for the kindle. I can confirm that none of them have the kindle in stock.. and they don’t know when it will be available. Its cheaper to buy it online anyway, i just wanted to save some waiting time.

  4. I got a Kindle Fire last year for Christmas and was really upset to find that I cant get either movies or videos on it. Neither does the public libraries in Nova Scotia link to it. What is the problem? Is it the government here or Amazon protecting its sales?

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