How to get Wired on the iPad for $4 a year

Right now you can get a 1 year subscription to Wired Magazine for only $3.99 a year. If you have an iPad or you're thinking about getting one then you would go get it immediately.

Wired Magazine updated their iPad app a few weeks back. The app is still free, of course, and you can still buy individual issues ($4 each).  The update added subscriptions ($2 a month), and it added something else.

You can now log in with details from your print subscription and get the digital issues for free. This means that you can get a 12 issues on the iPad for the price of a single iPad issue. The deal is offered through (you'll need coupon code 7260), and it's good for up to 3 years.

Yep, I got 36 paper and digital issues for only $12. Sweet.

Update: Unfortunately, the first issue won't be delivered until August, so I'm out of luck until then.

via FatWallet

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