I’d avoid the HamsterSoft Ebook Converter

So the new HamsterSoft Ebook Converter has been getting a lot of attention today. It's a relatively easy to use conversion app that runs on Windows. It features a drag and drop interface, broad output support, and it seems to be very popular.

Nevertheless, I'm going to pass. I've encountered HamsterSoft before and they are on my avoid list.

A few weeks back I developed a sudden need for a RAR archiver. I didn't have one installed yet, so I went looking and ended up with a product from HamsterSoft. It worked just fine, and I was in a hurry so I ignored  the awkwardness of the interface.

But then a few days later I had to reboot my computer. The HamsterSoft app started itself on boot, and I couldn't find a way to stop it. This is a no-no in my book. If I can avoid an app that does this, I will. Also, the apps keep forcing to go to the Hamstersoft Facebook page (and it even does this when I deleted the apps). The latter just pisses me off, and since a replacement is easy to find I deleted the app.

I already have an alternative to HamsterSoft Ebook Converter; it's called calibre.  Calibre is the best open-source ebook library, format conversion, and ebook reader support app out there. It supports more formats and it supports transferring your ebooks to your ebook reader.

Update: A commenter pointed put that this app is based on calibre, and it actually gives credit. Also, if you're looking for another reason to use calibre, here's one: Hamstersoft requires extra downloads that calibre does not.

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17 Comments on I’d avoid the HamsterSoft Ebook Converter

  1. Funny you should mention calibre:

    “Hamster Free eBook Converter made by HamsterSoft and based on Calibre-engine created by Kovid Goyal and inherits all GNU GPL 3.0 restrictions. ”


  2. Every Comment at my site about it said use Calibre instead. Someone also sent me some conversion samples and I wasn’t impressed.

    • Just updated my post with a link to this. As much as I dislike the fugliness of Calibre, at least it doesn’t require the damned .NET framework to be installed.

  3. Goto start button
    Type msconfig Hit OK
    startup tab
    uncheck whatever you don’t want to run

    Saying all that, I prefer Calibre

  4. Yes, but Hamster has a BIIIIIG advantage over Calibre. It does not force you to manage your library through a software (something I hate). I hate Picasa, I hate iTunes, I hate Calibre for the same reason. I have already folders in my computer which are much faster and much easier to use that whatever software.

  5. +1 for Mm
    I also hate calibre for the same reason

  6. Thanks for this post … almost downloaded Hamster and decided to look for reviews. Just in time …

  7. Funny you should mention Hamstersoft’s ebook converter and Calibre.

    I occasionally watch programs as they install at boot. I saw’craigslist’ flash in and out of my Processes list, and did a search of my C drive for ‘craigslist’.

    Not only did a subdirectory named Craigslist pop up in the Hamstersdoft ebook converter’s subdirectory, but the jackasses neglected to remove a subdirectory named “recipes”, with a bunch of space-wasting recipe files and a process file with some Cyrillic writing in it.

    In my book, that’s a severe no-no and ALL Hamstersoft applkications have been purged from my computers.

  8. Psst…running calibre under Linux is way easier than it is with Windows.

  9. HamsterSoft Ebook Converter’s website even not mention it’s 100% free of virus, spyware, scumwares, crapwares, etc., etc.

    Luckily, I fond your website before downloading it.

    Any alternatives? I’ve many .lit, epub, mobi, djvu ebooks. I want to convert it to PDF.

    Thanks for the warning!

  10. +1 for Mm too.
    I hate calibre, not just for it’s book library but also for it’s not supporting Chinese/Japanese as file name — any mainstream OS supports I18n or L10n — even DOS does…

  11. hey, Linux is great. free software that does every thing windows does for $$$$$ and some software that isn’t even available to windows. not afraid of a command line are you?

  12. I kinda liked it, looked more polished; but it did not support comics which was a bummer

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