RIP Augen 2009-2011 – e-reader & tablet maker

Augen burst on the gadget scene last year when they released The Book, their Kindle clone with a 7" screen. While they got a lot of attention at birth, their demise has gone unnoticed.

I was first clued in to the story by an owner of Augen's The Book. She was supposed to have gotten her device back from a warranty repair, and while she had an estimated delivery date she never got the ereader. She checked Augen's website, and it was down. No one responded to her emails, so she reached out to me for help.

It turns out that Augen's website has been down for over a month. I'm not getting any responses to any of the emails I sent - not from either of the Augen email accounts I know. I asked about the problems with their website, and they said nothing. I didn't even get a response when I asked them if the company had died.

I know that's not based on anything solid, and there really isn't any proof. But the company looks dead to me.

That's a pity. I was looking forward to Augen's line of tablets and their new ebook readers. Last fall Augen unveiled a line of 6 tablets ranging from entry level to a couple high end models. They were quite pretty and I admired the ambitiousness of trying to get 6 devices on the market all at once. And then there were Augen's ebook readers, which were supposed to be shipping in April. I was so looking forward to them.

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17 thoughts on “RIP Augen 2009-2011 – e-reader & tablet maker

  1. geez

    did you even use “the book”? if so and you liked it you must have got that one in a million that actually worked
    the third one i got after returning 2 did work sorta – it can’t remember where i left off but at least it turns on
    my sister has that one now and i have the Nook Color (which is great)

  2. I have to say as a Canadian, one of the things I most looked forward to on a trip into the US early last year was getting to a K-Mart so I could pick up one of the Augen Gentouch78 tablets. In case you haven’t heard about it, it was a 7″ Android tablet that sold for about $150.00. Unfortunately, like alot of Augen’s products, it was close to being a good product.

    It’s not just cheap construction (which you expect in a $150.00 tablet), it’s just that it plain didn’t work. Discount hardware is just that, discount hardware. If it doesn’t work, people aren’t going to buy it, at least people other than me.

  3. So I’ve still got one. The Wi-Fi has never worked. Does anyone know if the firmware updates improved functionality and where I could get them?
    Has anyone else picked up development for this device as a platform?

  4. New Technical Support for Augen Devices

    Please call 1-800-535-5198 ext 103
    Hours of Operation: 7AM-4PM PST

    (, 1saleaday, customers who purchased Augen will be prioritized)

  5. Well, I just bought one off Ebay for $20 (looks like a refurb) and I’m very happy with it. If you like to read in bed, you just can’t beat a backlit screen. Does everything it’s supposed to although the wifi doesn’t work. Don’t need it, it’s for reading books.

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