Kobo found a way around Apple’s rules

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You might recall the ruckus last weekend where Kobo, B&N, and other ebookstores all decided to release updated reading apps within a single 72 hour period. This was a lot of fun to watch on that Monday, but it looks like the story isn't quite over with yet.

When I looked over the Kobo iPad app I noted that it now had a news feed. Kobo could now push out blog posts and the posts would appear in the app. And this isn't attached to Kobo's blog; this was a new and separate feed.

It turns out that Kobo are using the news feed just as I expected. The latest post, dated 23 July, has several prominent links to Kobo's website. this means that anyone using the app can navigate to kobo's ebookstore and buy ebooks with a minimum of hassle. it's not as convenient as the old ebookstore, but it is more convenient than any of Kobo's competition.

The interesting thing about this post is that it wasn't there when I wrote about how the new app had been changed. Kobo only added this post after the app was released.  And they've left the post there for 10 days without a follow up post.

It is clearly intended to be a way around Apple's rule.I really hope that no one at Apple is going to be vindictive when this is noticed.

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