Newest Calibre Update Adds Support for the HP TouchPad

Kovid has posted the weekly calibre update, and alongside the usual bug fixes, tweaks, and new features, the update adds a pretty important addition to the supported devices: the HP TouchPad.

Calibre is the leading ebook and ereader management tool. It supports conversion from and to a wide variety of eBook formats. It will also assist you in organizing your ebook library and transferring them to your ebook reader (almost all are supported).

Much to my surprise, earlier versions of calibre didn't support the TouchPad. considering that calibre usually supports even obscure devices right after they're released, the fact that the TouchPad wasn't supported until after it died should tell you a thing or two about its lack of success.

The new support only extends to the Kindle app; the other 2 reading apps that you can currently use on the TouchPad, Adobe reader(PDF) and pReader (Epub), aren't supported yet.

The update also give you the ability to take apart the new Kindle Print Replica files and extract the PDF inside.


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  1. Great news about Calibre! Time for an update.

    You might be interested to know that another DRM free ePub reading app is available called “ReadMe”.

    Also, I recall it was a long time before Kindle support was added to Calibre. Touchpad support has arrived much faster. 🙂

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