Top Posts of the Week – 4 September

It's been an eventful week here at TDR.Sony finally revealed their new ebook reader, Amazon launched a new ebook format, and lots of people wanted to read about obscure devices. (Seriously, the Lookbook is probably the most popular no name ebook reader out there.) The TouchPad, future devices,  other tech news rounds out the list.Enjoy.

  1. First look at the new Sony Reader PRS-T1!!!
  2. Amazon Won’t be Adopting Epub
  3. Amazon Just Launched their own PDF Format
  4. How to read a PDF on an Android tablet
  5. Free Ebooks
  6. Kindle for Touchpad doesn’t like outside ebooks
  7. Hacking the Pandigital Novel (video)
  8. Review: Shift3 Lookbook
  9. Fondle: HP Touchpad
  10. New firmware update available for the (black) Pandigital Novel
  11. iTunes is no longer the biggest app store
  12. New NookColor coming in September
  13. My Lookbook ereader has arrived
  14. How to hack your (white) Novel – the easy way
  15. New Boogie Board Rip Tablet lets you Save Your Work
  16. New @author Kindle Feature lets you Pester the Author from inside the Ebook
  17. Obviously I was wrong about the Kindle Tablet – It Does Exist
  18. Updated: Pocketbook to Unveil Gingerbread Tablet This Week – But no Mirasol

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