Kindlegraph to Relaunch under a New Name

Evan Jacobs, the developer of the Kindlegraph ebook autographing system, is at TechCrunch Disrupt right now. While he is their he plans to show off a few new features that he's added to Kindlegraph over the past few weeks.I last covered Kindlegraph in late July and it has changed a lot since then. There are now over 1600 participating authors, and over 7 thousand titles offered.

Gone are the limited font choices, faux signature, other limitations. Authors can now sign their name for real, and they have several choices for the inscription. The signing page in general is significantly improved and it should be a lot easier to use now.  Authors will also be getting a "dashboard" of metrics which will let them know how well their books have been performing (clicks, signatures requested, etc.) along with ways to improve those metrics (e.g. cross-promotion opportunities).


Now, I'm sure some readers will want to know if Evan will be adding Facebook integration. It's coming, yes, but he's still trying to find the best way to do it. Right now you'll still need to log on with Twitter.

He's also planning changes  to the reader side of the site. Right now readers can view an author's name and a list of books (and covers). In the near future, authors will be able to flesh out their pages with bios, photos, links to other websites, etc. I haven't seen one yet, but I suspect that when he;s done the author pages will look a lot like what you'd expect to find on an author's website.

Last but not least, Evan is also planning to relaunch the site under a new name. He's changing the name because he wants the site to reflect the fact that it supports all devices, not just the Kindle. (Just don't ask me what it is; I can't tell you.)

All in all, Kindlegraph has grown an interesting experiment into one of the better digital autographing systems. A couple months ago I looked at different ways an author could make a DIY system. Kindlegraph now does most of what I want.

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