Kobo’s New eReader Clears the FCC

Wistron, one of Kobo's hardware partners, sent a new gadget through the FCC today. It's called the Kobo Vox and that's all I know.

Now, I would normally speculate about the gadget but I'm not sure what it is. The screen shape is rather odd for a tablet or ebook reader; the (screen) corners are far too rounded for most screens that I know of. No large screen tablet has corners that rounded. You can sometimes see that on small devices but not often.

Note that I'm talking about the inside corners, not the shell.

Wistron is calling it an "eReader Tablet", and it was test for Wifi(n). We also know that it has a microSD card slot and the model number is K080.

It's my guess that this is a device that Kobo worked on and then decided not to release. I suspect that Wistron sent it through the FCC becuase they have a business partner that is interested.

Update: I've gotten a hint that Kobo will release this tablet. Whoops. Also, this is now a 7" tablet.

We'll know more in early November; that's when the embargo lifts.



7 thoughts on “Kobo’s New eReader Clears the FCC

  1. Shape aside, wouldn’t it make sense for Kobo to get into the android tablet business?
    NookColor by itself outsells pretty much any single eink reader not named Kindle or Nook and Pandigital is easily a top 5 reader vendor on the strength of its horde of android tablets marketed to readers.
    If anything, given its focus on less-developed international ebook markets, where multifunction devices have deeper appeal, it makes plenty of sense for Kobo to get a flagship color device to promote their Android app.

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