Weekly Roundup – 23 September

It's been an exciting and frustrating week here at TDR. I broke 3 stories (Kindle library ebooks, Amazon Appstore, new NookColors), and that last one is still perculating through the blogosphere.And then I had to retract one (Kindle coming to France) becuase I trusted the wrong source. On the up side I did end up meeting a new French ebook blogger who I will now bug mercilessly to double check the translation of French news sources.All in all, I have to say I'm pleased with the work I've done this week.

  1. Updated: Library Ebooks now Available for the Kindle
  2. Updated: Amazon Appstore Expands to Australia, Netherlands, India – Elsewhere?
  3. Barnes & Noble to Launch 2 New NookColors This Year
  4. How to read a PDF on an Android tablet
  5. Ikea Dispelled the Death of the Bookcase Story
  6. Entourage forced me to register my Pocket Edge, and other irritations
  7. Daily Deal: Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5? Android tablet now $170 on Woot
  8. Fondle: HP Touchpad
  9. The Not-yet-released Kindle tablet is Already a Failure
  10. Kindle for Touchpad doesn’t like outside ebooks
  11. Updated: Next Kindle Coming on 8 October? – Maybe not
  12. Samsung Galaxy S 5? Wifi & why I like smaller screens
  13. HP TouchPad now has Android with Wifi, Android Market, and more (video)
  14. Things We Never Told You: Ode to a Bookstore Death
  15. Jetbook Color confirmed for US release this fall – 9.7? E-ink screen, $350
  16. Updated: Reading on the HP TouchPad

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