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Daily Deal: Ectaco Jetbook – $60 at NewEgg

Now here's an ebook reader that you don't hear about much anymore.

The original Ectaco Jetbook was launched back in 2008, and it's based on a hardware design first releasedin 2007. It's getting a little long in the tooth, but it's still a sturdy little gadget. It uses a low-power 5" LCD screen and it has a SD card slot, 2GB Flash storage, and  - well, not much else. It's a basic ereader, but it does have support for Adobe DE DRM as well as a music player, dictionary lookup, and other features.

Now, it's not as pretty or as fast as any of the mainstream ereaders on the market  still have fond memories of the Jetbook becuase of how sturdy it was. This is the one that I didn't worry about taking out in public without a case. I would say that this is most definitely the device to get when you're worried about it being damaged.

But I;m not sure how much longer this model will hang on. The market is getting cheaper by the day, and that means the lowest priced models have to get better in order to keep up.

P.S. There are later models based on the same screen (Aluratek Libre Aire, Jetbook K-12), but they're just beginning to hit the market.


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