The $35 Indian Tablet is Still “About to Ship”

I've just gotten another update on the $35 Indian tablet that was unveiled last July. Do you recall how it was supposed to ship last fall, in January, and in June?  Well, even after being delayed for over a year it still has not shipped.

I'd last posted on this mirage back in June, when my source had indicated that it would ship that month. Nope. I''m now hearing that the Indian Tablet is due to ship on 5 October. It's still supposedly going to be made by Hivision, the  Chinese gadget maker.

"The computer will be launched next month," HRD Minister Kapil Sibal. "This is not just a dream, it is a reality," he added. Officials in the Ministry said the low-cost device will be launched on October 5.

To be honest at this point I'm not sure that I ever expect it to ship. It's joined the pantheon of unshipped gadgets as the Indian Tablet. It's taken its place alongside the likes of the PlasticLogic Que, Crunchpad, Samsung E100, and other devices that passed from pre-existence to non-existence without ever existing.

Of course, it might actually ship next week, in which case it will likely be sold at a subsidized price. When I last reported on it in June, the Indian government planned to pay half the retail cost (at the time it was 2,200 Indian Rupees), and thus reduce the price that students would pay to around $23.

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