Top Posts of the Week – 1 October 2011

This was a lively week at the blog, with Amazon surprising the hell out of us, but that's not all that happened. The Kobo Vox leak on Thursday, Kindle library ebooks, the HP TouchPad, and the new Kindle Cloud were all popular stories this week.

  1. Barnes & Noble to Launch 2 New NookColors This Year
  2. At the Amazon Kindle Fire Launch Event
  3. Kobo Vox Android Tablet Coming on 17 October for $250
  4. Kindle Cloud Storage Coming with the Kindle Tablet on Wednesday?
  5. How to read a PDF on an Android tablet
  6. The Kindle Fire just Killed Off the Android Tablet Market
  7. Kindle Library Ebooks & the Law of Unintended Consequences
  8. How Ebook Buyers Discover Books
  9. How to Check Out Kindle Library Ebooks and Return Them Early
  10. Amazon Prime Free Ebook Details Leaked on
  11. Updated: Library Ebooks now Available for the Kindle
  12. Amazon Overturned the E-reader Apple Cart
  13. Installing Preware on the HP TouchPad is Easier Than You Think
  14. Amazon’s Kindle Price Punking
  15. Fondle: HP Touchpad
  16. Jetbook Color confirmed for US release this fall – 9.7? E-ink screen, $350
  17. Kindle for Touchpad doesn’t like outside ebooks
  18. First look at the new Sony Reader PRS-T1!!!
  19. Kindle Tablet to be a Playbook Clone?
  20. Library eBooks now Work on the HP TouchPad (via the Kindle App)

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