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Daily Deals: Cruz Reader Android Tablet $70 on Ebay

1SaleaDay is having an Ebay only special today on the 7" Cruz Reader. They're asking $70 and they're throwing in free shipping it. That's not a bad price, but this is last year's tablet, and it's running Android v2.1 Froyo with 256MB storage, SD card slot, Wifi and a pair of speakers. I have one, and I think it uses a rather poor resistive touchscreen. But as a $70 tablet it's not bad.

BTW, Amazon still have refurbished K3 in stock, and I think they're a good value. The K3 Wifi is still listed for $99, and while that's only $10 less than the K4, the K3 is also a more capable ebook reader.  it has more storage, more app support, and it has speakers.  I'd still get it over the K4.

You can also buy the refurbished K3 3G for $129. That's $60 less than the Kindle touch will cost when it ships, and unlike the kTouch the K3 3G will still let you browse over the 3G connection.

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