Inside the Kobo Vox

As you can see, the back panel just pops off.

Kobo's new Android tablet has been shipping for a couple weeks, and I like many have been eagerly waiting for someone to crack it open and show us the guts. Unfortunately for me, there seems to be a dearth of disassembly photos.

But that's okay, because a few days ago the FCC lifted the embargo on the internal and external photos.

The Vox went through the FCC a couple months back, but at the time I couldn't post many details because all the interesting info was concealed. Now it's not.

I only see the one big surprise in the photos. I was hoping for something like an internal card slot (which we could then upgrade), or perhaps an extra component that wasn't listed on the spec sheet. The card slot is there, but it's behind a couple pieces of plastic. Getting at it will require some serious disassembly. That's going to void your warranty and could break your Vox, so caveat emptor.

I also spied one other interesting detail. There's no part attached, but the case for the Kobo Vox appears to have a space for either a camera or a sensor of some kind. If you have a Vox look at the  foggy circle near the indicator light. Something was supposed to go there, only the Vox didn't need it and Kobo probably left it out to reduce cost.

The Vox is running on a Freescale i.mx515 CPU, with a clock speed of 800MHz. Look through the photos and you'll see that it has pretty much the specs that Kobo released: a honking big battery, speaker, Wifi, microSD card slot, and so on.

kobo vox external

kobo vox internal


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