Inside the Kindle Fire

Still waiting for your Kindle Fore to arrive? (I am.) If you need something to satisfy your gadget lust then you might want to check out iFixit. They're in the middle of tearing down the Kindle Fire.

And I mean that literally. They've already popped the back off and removed the battery, mainboard, speaker assembly, and other parts but they're not done yet. Each image is getting posted when it is ready, one at a time. There's no video, but they are effectively liveblogging it.

I'm not seeing any  unannounced features or hidden surprise, unlike the Kobo Vox, which had an internal microSD card slot. No, all we can see is that the Kindle Fire is 7" tablet that Amazon promised. I was half hoping that the Kindle Fire would have Bluetooth built in or a microphone  in the speaker assembly. Nope. Still I think it's definitely worth checking out.

One reader pointed out that I should have looked more carefully, and not relied on the other blogs that reported there's nothing to be found. The Wifi chip is actually a combo Wifi/BT/FM chip. That means there's a chance that a hacked KF will have Bluetooth support. Of course, just becuase the chip is installed doesn't mean all the pins are wired. Can someone check?

BTW, yesterday I posted the FCC teardown for the Kindle Touch.


5 thoughts on “Inside the Kindle Fire

  1. Mine got delayed because of fog. It’s didn’t get to town until noon, it’s sitting ten minutes away, and UPS won’t let me pick it up until they make a delivery attempt tomorrow. :(

  2. At this point, Amazon is big enough to get ODMs to design/build their systems to order instead of adapting an existing design for them, like the Vox and other systems.

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