Amazon Expected to Ship 5m Kindle Fires This Year

Digitimes is hearing new reports from industry insiders, and it looks like that 5 million Kindle Fire rumor from a few weeks back is about to come true.

According to their sources, Quanta has already shipped 3 to 4 million Kindle Fires to Amazon. And that count is from the units that have actually left the factory, not just come off the assembly line.  There are also reports that Amazon is on plan to hit 5 million Kindle Fires sold by the end of December.

If this happens, it's a stunning development. If Amazon really pulls this off then they will have trounced Apple. 5 million Kindles sold in 6 weeks will crush the record set by the iPad (2 million shipped in first month) and the iPad 2 (2.5m shipped in first month). Let me  put these figures in perspective. The RIM Playbook only sold 250 thousand in its first month and the Motorola Xoom, Google's flagship Android tablet, only sold a 100k. So Amazon managed to pull off something that I thought only Apple could do.

Do you know, I didn't think this would happen. I thought the KF would have excellent sales but I didn't think any Android tablet could match the stellar success of the iPad. It looks like I was wrong.

Before the KF came along, we had the iPad market ( tens of millions sold) and everyone else (hundreds of thousands sold). Now that the iPad has been dethroned, we're going to see the tablet market as Amazon, Apple, and everyone else. And yes, I'm giving Amazon their own segment; they are just as much control freaks as Apple (only more subtle about it).

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