The Morning Coffee 16 December 2011

`Here's a few news stories you may have missed over the past day or so.

Aakash Tablet Now Available Online (

E-Book Readers Face Sticker Shock
(Wall Street Journal)

First User Reports of the Kyobo eReader Are In - Not Good (The Digital Reader)

Is Amazon Pushing Publishers to Brink On Terms, Co-op?
(Publisher's Weekly)

Publishers still missing the point on e-book prices

Schoolbag of the Future: Anytime Anywhere

The ultimate cheap tablet buyer’s guide (The Globe and Mail)

Using Ereaders And Ebooks In Ireland 2011 Edition – Part Two (Irish Publishing News)

image by DanielJames

3 thoughts on “The Morning Coffee 16 December 2011

    1. Thanks. I’m planning to start it up again. I used to do it a long time ago, but I stopped so I could focus on writing stuff instead of linking to it. Now that I can write I think it’s high time I brought it back.

  1. The comments on the Publisher’s Weekly article are most amusing.
    I’ve long suspected BPH apologists lived in another universe…

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