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The Morning Coffee 16 December 2011

`Here's a few news stories you may have missed over the past day or so.

Aakash Tablet Now Available Online (

E-Book Readers Face Sticker Shock
(Wall Street Journal)

First User Reports of the Kyobo eReader Are In - Not Good (The Digital Reader)

Is Amazon Pushing Publishers to Brink On Terms, Co-op?
(Publisher's Weekly)

Publishers still missing the point on e-book prices

Schoolbag of the Future: Anytime Anywhere

The ultimate cheap tablet buyer’s guide (The Globe and Mail)

Using Ereaders And Ebooks In Ireland 2011 Edition – Part Two (Irish Publishing News)

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3 Comments on The Morning Coffee 16 December 2011

  1. I like this post. With it, you are sort of functioning as an aggregator or ebook articles from more traditional news sites.

  2. The comments on the Publisher’s Weekly article are most amusing.
    I’ve long suspected BPH apologists lived in another universe…

  3. Thanks. I’m planning to start it up again. I used to do it a long time ago, but I stopped so I could focus on writing stuff instead of linking to it. Now that I can write I think it’s high time I brought it back.

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