Weekly RoundUp – 17 December 2011

It's been a really fun week here at the blog.On Saturday I posted about the Kindle Touch getting its first hack (which used an mp3 file). Later in the week I brought you news of the Nook Color update, which unfortunately didn't let you install third party apps.And this week I also learned that the best way to use a secret is to share it. On Monday I posted about the Kindle Fire already supporting Kindle Format 8. Hardly anyone read that post, but it did inspire one of my readers to let me have a copy of the tools (thanks, again). And those tools gave me the chance to post a demo file and screenshots on Tuesday.And the rest of the top posts this week are a mix of reviews, hacks, and how-to guides.


  1. Kindle Touch Gets World’s Simplest JailBreak (And It Runs HTML5)
  2. Kindle Format 8 Demo Now Available
  3. Slick eReader Review
  4. Nook Tablet Now Runs Kindle, Aldiko, & More – No Hack Required
  5. How to read a PDF on an Android tablet
  6. Sony Reader Wifi Hacked – Now Runs Kindle, ezPDF, and more (video)
  7. I’m Returning my Nook Tablet – Here’s Why
  8. NookColor v1.4 Update – Does it Let You Sideload Apps? (No)
  9. First Impressions of the Slick ER-701
  10. My eMatic Twig 4.3? Android PDA is Unreviewable
  11. Sony Reader T1 Hack Now Available
  12. Getting Started with a Cheap Android Tablet
  13. The Developers are Rioting in KindleTown
  14. First User Reports of the Kyobo eReader Are In – Not Good
  15. Kindle Fire Already Supports the New Kindle Format 8
  16. First True Hands On Videos of the Kyobo eReader w\Mirasol Screen
  17. Review: Shift3 Lookbook
  18. OverDrive Caught in a Bait & Switch With Library Ebooks
  19. Review: Amazon Kindle Touch (K5)
  20. Sony Reader Wifi Updated – Hacks Affected (Fixed)

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