Apple to Release 2 iPads in January?

The rumor mongers at Digitimes are back again, and they have a whole new story to tell. When last I'd heard from Digitimes they were reporting that Apple had a 7.85" iPad on the way.Now Digitimes is reporting that Apple has 2 iPads coming in late January, not one, and neither is going to be the iPad Mini.

The new iPads are rumored to be unveiled at the iWorld conference on 26 January.  This event opens a couple weeks after CES, and it's no surprise that Apple's ignoring CES again (they do every year).  Both new models will join the existing iPad 2, and according to industry sources Apple's going to sell 3 models.  They'll each be focused on a different market segment (entry-level, mid-range and high-end), the sources claimed.

The rumor goes on to add that the iPad 2 will stick around and get a price cut.  It's going to go head to head with the Kindle Fire, while the new models will be for those with deeper pockets. The new iPads will have dimensions similar to the existing iPad but they'll be getting a new 9.7" screen. It reportedly will have double the resolution of the existing screen (QXGA - 1,536x2,048 pixels). The more expensive one is also supposed to get an 8MP camera, while the middle model is supposed to have a 5M camera.

Interesting rumor, but I'm a little disappointed. I was looking forward to the iPad Mini.

And I'm not so sure that this one is completely true. There have been times where Apple has released more than one iPod at a single event, so that could be what's happening with the new iPads. But I think it's much more likely that the 2 models referenced above are actually the same device, only with one small difference. I think one will have 3G.

But I do think the iPad 2 rumor is mostly true.  i don't think Apple will sell it for $200, or even $300, but I do think the refurbs could get that cheap and they will be available for quite some time, just like the original iPad is now.


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