Apple Not Releasing iPads in January?

Yesterday I reported on the new Digitimes rumor about how Apple might show off 2 new iPads at iWorld in late January, and today I've found another example of why we shouldn't listen to Digitimes.The Loop debunked this rumor yesterday. They checked with their sources, and Apple is not planning to release an iPad at iWorld/MacWorld. They're also not releasing it at CES, either, so don't get your hopes up. Oh, and The Loop also heard Apple isn't going to release an iTV at either event.

I'm not terribly surprised. Like I mentioned yesterday, the latest Digitimes rumor contradicted at least one of their earlier  rumors. There's a reason why I call them rumor mongers, and today's news shows that I'm describing them accurately.

Do you know, this reminds me of one Digitimes rumor I debunked a few months back. Digitimes was reporting that the then not yet released Kindle Fire was doomed. According to Digitimes' sources, their sources doubted its success because it had a 7" screen and thus it would be entering a crowded market. That's nonsense now, but at the time there was absolutely nothing to support the idea.

One reader commented that he suspected Digitimes (or their sources) had an ulterior motive. That story wasn't published for its news value, but was instead leaked in order to manipulate the stock price. I wonder if that's what is happening here?

Well, not stock price so much as manipulating tablet sales. This rumor is likely to cause some to delay purchases and get their hopes up. During that delay Apple's competitors have a chance make a few more sales to disappointed consumers.

In any case, nonsense like this is why I didn't used to report on rumors. And I still have to control my gag reflex even today.

The Loop

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4 Comments on Apple Not Releasing iPads in January?

  1. Those rumormongers need to get out of their dorm roooms more often.
    See what life is like outside of planet Apple.

    The most recent Apple iTV rumor was particularly off-kilter as it specified Apple was going to launch their (premium-priced, of course) vision of “future TV” at 32 and 37 inches.

    Sharp’s ELITE line starts at 60in and Apple is going to go after the premium TV market with entry-level sizes?
    Yeah, right. Might as well call it the Pippin2 or LisaTV.

    Sure, one is coming. In spring or summer.
    But first Apple needs to take stock of the impact of FIRE and the recent premium Android releases. Expecting them to respond to November market changes in January is just delusional.

  2. We’ll see early next year.
    If Amazon releases a new Kindle before iPad3 Apple need to speed up …

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