Weekly Roundup 31 December 2011

It's Sunday morning, and that means it's time for the weekly roundup. I used to post this on Saturdays, but now that I plan to have the morning coffee post, I've moved this post.

It's been a fairly quiet week here on the blog. Most everyone is still away on vacation, so not many newsworthy events have happened. All the top posts are older ones. it looks like most visitors are looking for advice on their new gadget.

  1. Nook Tablet Now Runs Kindle, Aldiko, & More – No Hack Required
  2. How to read a PDF on an Android tablet
  3. Getting Started with a Cheap Android Tablet
  4. Kindle Touch Gets World’s Simplest JailBreak (And It Runs HTML5)
  5. Slick eReader Review
  6. Sony Reader Wifi Hacked – Now Runs Kindle, ezPDF, and more (video)
  7. I’m Returning my Nook Tablet – Here’s Why
  8. Kobo Vox Rooted – Now Has Android Market
  9. How to Get Your eBooks for Free on the Kindle Fire
  10. How to Check Out Kindle Library Ebooks and Return Them Early
  11. Review: Shift3 Lookbook
  12. Updated: Library Ebooks now Available for the Kindle
  13. Getting Started With a Kyobo Mirasol eReader
  14. My Lookbook ereader has arrived
  15. How to Find Replacement Launchers for the Kindle Fire & Nook Tablet
  16. Nook Tablet Might Not be Hackable
  17. Sony Reader T1 Hack Now Available
  18. Amazon Charged me $30 to get the Adverts Off my K4
  19. How to read Epub on your Kindle
  20. Kindle Fire Utility Makes Rooting, Updating, and Hacking the KF a Breeze

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