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Daily Deals: Sony Reader, WikiReader, and More

I have just a few deals for you today, and one is extremely cheap. Best Buy has the Sony Reader Wifi on sale still at the $99 price that they offered before Christmas. Only the black model is on sale, but who cares this is a good price. Best Buy

NewEgg has the WikiReader on sale for $20. I paid $100 when I got mine 2 years ago, so this is truly a rock bottom price.

For those who don't know, the WikiReader is a pocketable custom ereader that contains an offline copy of Wikipedia. It's a fun little tool and at this price it would have made decent stocking stuffers.


And Daily Steals has a generic 8" Android tablet on sale today. It's listed at $80, but I'm not sure how good that tablet really is. It's running an older version of Android, so it wouldn't be high on my must buy list.

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  1. heck yeah, always wanted one of these but $70 was too much

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