New Barnes & Noble Nook Coming In Spring

New York Times: The Bookstore’s Last Stand

Barnes & Noble is trying to strike at Amazon with another device. At its labs in Silicon Valley last week, engineers were putting final touches on their fifth e-reading device, a product that executives said would be released sometime this spring. (A Barnes & Noble spokeswoman declined to elaborate.)

I wonder what that could be?

eInk? Color LCD? Pixel Qi? Mirasol? (I doubt Mirasol unless they have a Top Sekrit Second-Gen screen that’s good!)

Cheaper eInk Nook? Cheaper color Nook?

I was just wondering the other day about what both Barnes & Noble and Kobo could possibly introduce later this year, so an introduction as soon as Spring is very surprising.

Probably nothing more surprising than a 9? or 10? tablet.

Yet I’m still waiting to see if their Nook Community Edition trademark is ever used. Also unused are Nook Smart and NookCook.

15 thoughts on “New Barnes & Noble Nook Coming In Spring

  1. My guess is a 9-10 inch tablet, priced at $250-$300, and a price reduction on everything else in their lineup to compete with Kindle Fire.

  2. I could see B&N doing a cheap, non-touch, LCD-based reader to drive magazine and rich-content books (textbooks, too) and pair it with their own epub3-derived format. Size will depend on the screen they find; ideally, 8-9in 4×3 aspect, but they may have to go with a 16×9 7incher. Price? If they go big, $200, otherwise $129. Either way the target will be iBooks, not Kindle.

  3. So, lets get me get this straight:

    1. The New York times (and other major media outlets) barely mention Barnes and Noble for years, except to talk about the decline of bookstores.

    2. Barnes and Noble effectively subsidizes the NYT with the free nook promotion.

    3. Within weeks, we start seeing in-depth, glowing articles about the business in the New York Times.

    That’s how the game is played, folks.

    Incidentally, Barnes and Noble actually mentioned launching a new nook device in “the back half of the (fiscal) year” in their holiday press release- but between the earnings guide-down and the nook spinoff noone noticed.

  4. ugg sorry. i actually dont. when i went back to the source i realized what i saw was actually a photochopped picture from the Color launch with The Nook Portfolio across the top of the image describing the whole range of nook products.


  5. Read a few articles about domain names recently registered for “Nook Glow” and “Nook Shine”, also noticed B&N selling the Tablet $50 off today on EBay.

    Any new leads on what’s supposedly coming this spring, and when exactly, like the $349 “Acclaim” mentioned in an older post?

    Don’t want to wait only to find out it’s just a next generation Simple Touch. Even worse would be to buy the Tablet only to find out a better one was coming! Thanks.

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